Q: How Can I Get an ADU If I Don’t Have the Cash?

Today I’m explaining how to get an ADU even if you don’t have the cash. 

This is my first week back to work in my regular office after more than three months of lockdown! In my last video, I discussed ADUs (accessory dwelling units) and received a ton of feedback from people who are telling me they’re interested but don’t have the cash and want to know how they can pull it off. Today I’m going to be sharing all the information about the Fannie Mae program that can assist with this. I’ve helped clients use this program before with great success. This program can also help you refinance, too. To learn more about this excellent program, watch my latest video above.


  1. Amazing video blog! Very informative. Thank you for sharing the knowledge and wisdom. This will definitely help on the journey of personal development and growth. I enjoyed it.

  2. Hello B.King,
    Since your comment I have gone through the journey myself as an investor, I will be sharing my experience in an upcoming video. Stay tuned and please let me know if I can be of any assistance on your own journey.