3 Advantages to Having a Checkbook Control Self-Directed IRA, LLC

Today I’ll be shedding more light on checkbook self-directed IRAs, LLC after receiving some questions from a few of you.

Unlike more traditional self-directed IRAs, where your funds are held by a custodian who acts as
an authority on each transaction, the owner of a checkbook self-directed IRA, LLC possesses full
control, which is commonly referred to as “checkbook control.”

There are three benefits that set checkbook self-directed IRAs, LCC apart:

1. You’ll be able to keep more from a fix and flip. If you’re looking to use funds from your IRA
to fix and flip a piece of real estate, you’ll preserve 100% of your gains because you won’t have
that 40% taken right off the top due to the income tax you’d ordinarily incur from an ordinary fix and

2. You can skip the excessively long process of a 1030 exchange. If you’re a rental property
owner and you want to upgrade to a new property, you would typically be stuck going through a
1030 exchange, which can be a slow-moving process. But with a checkbook self-directed IRA, LLC,
you’ll eliminate those long waiting periods because you’ll have full autonomy to write checks for
the necessary services and expedite the buying process.

3. You’ll have fewer fees to worry about. Rather than having to pay the litany of fees, such
as asset-based fees, that come with normal self-directed IRAs, you’ll simply pay an annualized
custodian fee that tends to be much more reasonable.  

If you’d like more information or would like to be pointed in the direction of a custodian to hold your
IRA, I’d love the opportunity to help you. Give me a call or email me today!

How to Take Advantage of Your Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account

I recently had the chance to meet with some old colleagues and friends of mine. During our
get-together, I was asked what I do with my individual retirement account (IRA) money.
shared with them what I do.

I took my IRA money out and, combined with my wife’s IRA, we now have a self-directed
IRA. We've turned this into a checkbook controlled self-directed IRA LLC, and with our IRAs,
we are the owners and managers of the LLC. We’ve been using this fund since 2007 and
invested in a rental while most of the money goes toward flipping homes.

By using our own IRA money for the last 10 years, we’ve been able to grow our nest egg
by 300%. We just filed our tax returns and we can see the assets between 2007 and
2017, which showed about a 30% increase each year. My friends were definitely excited
after hearing what we were able to turn our IRAs into.

If you’re looking to leverage your IRA into a good income, I’d love to speak with you and go over your options. We can talk about getting a return by investing some of your retirement money. I look forward to hearing from you.

This Thanksgiving, I’m Thankful for You

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, now is the perfect time of year to pause and reflect and be
thankful. And one of the things I’m most thankful for in life is you—my valued friends and clients. I
appreciate the incredible support you’ve shown me this year, and look forward to continue serving as
your real estate resource in the new year ahead and beyond. I hope that you’re able to spend this holiday
season surrounded with those you love, and that you have a very happy Thanksgiving. To hear my full
message of thanks, watch this short video.